Americanah- Book Review

00:32hrs i just finished reading Americanah and usually i would put off writing the review immediately, wanting to first gather my thoughts on a book i had just read and take my time putting together a reader-worthy review but with this one i just needed to share everything. Every raw emotion felt during the 3days i have been reading it; from the strong lump in my throat towards the end to the eager anticipation i felt after reading the first chapter.

Usually before reading a book i read the blurb and try see whether it is a book i would enjoy. With Americanah, i yearned for it even before knowing what it was about because Chimamanda is fast growing into being one of my favorite writers not just in Africa but worldwide. I read the blurb on my way out of the bookstore and what i had expected was a romance novel of some sort,which i didnt really mind. I was proven wrong however when as i read on i was pulled into a story that travels from Nigeria to America to even England capturing race and the struggles black people go through.

Its fearless, witty and a good read for anyone looking for a captivating story that still manages to grip you. I went through all the emotions with the chaaracters and at one point i became pretty angry at Chimamanda for making the protagonist, Ifemulu go through such a hard time. I cried when the characters cried and let out a big grin when they were happy. The the imagery infused in the book is also perfectly articulated and mmeChimamanda takes the reader on not just a literary journey but also a history lesson as she explains the strikes and fights Nigeria experienced. she also highlights race which is something i feel still needs to be addressed and not swept under the carpet like dust.

Now after putting the book aside and after shedding a few tears towards the end of the story i am now in a quest to find other such amazing African works of literature. My last words about this masterpiece is; feminism,race, being proud of ones skin and true love are perfectly showcased in this great read which i recommend to EVERYONE.

Below is a link of a review New York Times did of Americanah. i read through a couple of reviews and i mostly enjoyed this one for its ability to capture every pivotal moment in the novel in such a short article.

Do enjoy.


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