Hello Loves You know those days where everything seems to be going wrong? From the alarm not doing its sole job of waking you up, to the revolting cup of coffee that didn’t really “Wake you up” but instead added on to the list of things that go wrong. I am having one of those … More Ramblings

Ecstatic 👏

WARNING: This is a very lame post. *chuckles* I just completed my short story. i know this isnt blog-post worthy news if i m not posting the short story (will do in a little while) i just wanted to share because i am sooooo HAPPY.! Spent the day holed up indoors and let me just … More Ecstatic 👏

Freewrite- remake

Hello Loves Although i still hold back on posting my stuff on here, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of having this here blog hahai decided to stop being such a wuss and stuff.so yea, here’s a lil something i scribbled for the “person”last week Monday. Enjoy xx He tore her soul open At … More Freewrite- remake

Rainy Weather Love

Good morning Loves Today is beautiful. That’s the only way to put it, its a Monday morning and the weather is “cuddle-worthy”. Its raining, or as the Brits would say its “drizzling”, and after a huge greasy breakfast i wanted to share some of what i stumbled upon this morning. Its a beautiful poem by … More Rainy Weather Love