Frabjous Fling- Book Review

I am both humbled and excited- mostly excited, like giddy smiles excited, to review this book. It’s launching on Friday but strugglingbookworm had the pleasure of reading and reviewing it first.

It’s by my poetry family over at Poetritis Nirvana. This is a poetry collective by Valentine Tusai who keeps bringing Africa’s writers together with just the love for literature and writing.

Frabjous Fling-can I just add that I am still slightly intrigued by this name, is an anthology compiled and edited by Valentine who if you guys recall published that cool book I am featured in and which i also reviewed here, Strangers Encounter.

Frabjous Fling is all about forbidden fruits. It details a young man, or rather a very naughty man *chuckles* who seems to have a thing for married women. 12 amazing writers from 6 countries- Zimbabwe,  Botswana, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya and Israel play the part of the married woman. It’s a story with a twist with each woman having a reply for the young man’s advances. Valentine of course plays the apple, the forbidden fruit -the young man who entices married women and he’s got a slick tongue which at the start of the book he uses to tempt them to give in to his advances.

I love how the women all have different voices, of course they are different people so granted their voices will be different, but there’s a certain flow that is carried throughout the book by each page and by each woman’s reply to the forbidden fruit’s advances. I Am also intrigued by the replies, I can’t tell you how much I wish I could see all of them being perfomed by the individual writers.

My favorite line though which believe me was hard to pick has to be by Valentine- in his advances he says “Just drop the nuptial chains and place the ring on the headboard…”. (Not so much of a massive spoiler right?-😉)

Frabjous Fling is a very great collection of stories by a group of talented individuals whom I hope see do more and flourish more and just slay. Head over to the Poetritis Nirvana page on Facebook and see more of their work. And don’t forget to keep your eyes both here and on Facebook for the launch and how you can get the book that’s surely going to have a lot of tongues waging.

Valentine blogs at

Thankful to have been given the great honour of reviewing this here gem.

Have a happy day guys


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