New Year, New Books.

Happy New Year loves.

It’s a new year which means new books (obviously), New resolutions and basically a whole new season to slay (do we still use slay in 2017?) It’s only been 3 days of 2017 but I’m so happy at all the positivity I’m seeing on social media. Everyone has that “nothing can slow me down, I’m going for my goals” vibe and i LOVE it. Hope this goes on till the end of the year and even when things go south.

I wanted to do a 2016 reflections thing last week but due to technical problems with my laptop I decided to leave it to a short paragraph in my new year post.

First of, last year was AMAZING. It of course had its low points and instances where life dribbled with me but hey, I’m still standing.

What I loved most about last year (still so weird haha) is the reading communities I became a part of thanks to Facebook. I joined two book clubs- The Wordiest Bond and The Good Book Appreciatiom Society and I met people who understood how amazing Haruki Murakami is and how timeless Animal Farm is and how incredible a wordsmith Chinelo Okparanta is. I also made amazing friends through these book clubs.

I also received some great books via post box. Thank you so much to Michael Howard for his book On the Fifth Night. Which talks about the subconscious mind and its so intriguing that I read it in close to one sitting. I owe him and you guys a review on this here space soon as I settle into a routine (new semester and moving).

I also attended a publishing workshop courtesy of the Bessie Head trust and also fan girled A LOT when I sat in on Lauri Kubuitsile’s session. Amazing. Speaking of Lauri, I read The Scattering towards Christmas. Bawled my eyes out. Definitely top five of my reads from last year. Worthy of a long tear-jecking review on here soon.

The year that social media termed as “hell” because social media likes being extra is also the year that I was on the shortlist of the BSHD Tourism Ficrion competition. Proud is an understatement. It was my first time hearing of tourism fiction and also my first time writing the genre. I wrote a story titled The Chibuku Storyteller. The first price went to Lauri Kubuitsile and my fan girling of course showed itself here. The anthology for the competition will be launched in May, which is something to look forward to. Also, after a loooong editing process of back and forth emails between me and Cheryl Ntumy, we have finally polished my short story and its ready.

2016 came with books of course. New Books. I spent waaay more than my student budget could handle and i don’t regret it. I think regret will kick in next week when I’m back at school and i have to eat 2min noodles every day. Will be great though, New Books, noodles and mathematics. Quite a combo.

One book I was especially excited to receive is the Poetry Potion woman’s issue. My poem Backbone is in the collection and i couldn’t be more proud of myself.

I have been having a weird couple of days, New Year anxiety mixed with final year student anxieties of what next. My vision board looks really great. I can’t wait to set things in motion. I am also very nervous about all my plans. I read Nova’s blog past last night and I think I’m going to head her words and take it one day at a time. Everything will fall into place. It’s really great to also remind myself that I am exactly where I should be.

I wish everyone an amazing year filled with blessings and wins and laughter and lots of travel. I also wish you all get gifted New Books and attend book launches and to just bask in a year of literary greatness.

Love Mido



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