2 years.

Guess what today is. IT’S OUR BLOG’AVESARY. Strugglingbookworm is a whole 2 years old today. This means that its been two years of insecurities, ┬ámissed posts, disappearing acts, amazing opportunities, tears and over sharing. All in all its been an amazing two years. The highlight though has to be all the amazing people this space … More 2 years.


Do you know those days that start off with a long sigh and an “I hate mornings” muttered silently as you walk to the shower and get ready? Then you go to class or work and it improves a little and then the Sun sets and BAM something goes wrong. I just narrated my whole … More Beloved


Happy Sunday everyone. I will do better. That’s all I will say regarding the missed post. Saturday went by so fast. Today I am sharing one of my favorite poems OF ALL TIME. Been reciting it in my head all day and decided to share it on here. It’s by Li John Lee. Persimmons By … More persimmons

Stressful Endings

Guys. Now that its Friday and everyone is not stressed out about work, school, their favorite wine not being stocked at the liquor store (all the sads) and having to wake up early (YAAAAS), can we talk about books who’s endings make us either furious or sad or both. Norwegian Wood, Sputnik Sweetheart and Half … More Stressful Endings

happy thoughts

Hey loves. This post is Day 3 and Day 4 merged into one mushy post. I couldn’t post yesterday because school and nearly didn’t post because school again. I am in a very bad space at the moment because, guess what, school again. I feel like I am drowning in work and I can’t catch … More happy thoughts