Book Review: Things Unseen

Disappearing Acts
First let me start this off with how bad I am at this regular blogging thing, and apologize for the lengthy, unplanned and unannounced hiatus. I don’t want to make promises about doing better because nothing is as painful as broken promises. I do want to say, I have missed this space so much and I am excited about all the cool posts I have lined up.
October Readathon
So last month, my uni went on a semester break which meant I FINALLY had time to read all the books that have now made my To Be Read List a multiple page mess. I am pleased to come back and say, I have read a few of them and I am now a happy (struggling) bookworm.
One of the books I read was Pamela Powers’ Things Unseen, which happened thanks to Twitter. I always say I do more than just tweet about hotwings and books on Twitter. I got the opportunity to get a review copy of Things Unseen thanks to Clockwork Books. Anyway, this review has been long overdue and me actually putting up a blog post has been LONG overdue.
So here to help rid this place of the dust and cobwebs that are gathering, here is my review of Pamela Powers’ Things Unseen
*Drum Roll*
I started this book on a wined up Friday only to wake up slightly hung-over on Saturday morning to finish up the last few chapters. The Friday night was long and hot and I had to put down my wine glass while reading because WOW. The book is Pamela’s second book after Ms Conception- which is now on my Christmas wish list because from reading Things Unseen I want more Pamela.
Published by Clockwork Books, Things Unseen is a fast-paced thriller set in Johannesburg suburbia. I was hooked from the first page where the violence is gruesome and gripping. At first I thought, “okay, no this wine is a bad idea, this book can’t start off like this.”. Read the first page again and yes, it immediately reels you into the tale of Emma, who’s attending her university reunion with her husband Rick who stands out from the first few chapters as that guy we hate in books, he is a villain in his own way I suppose. He is a gynecologist, whose ego is probably as big as the mansion he and Emma live in. Rick perfectly fits that weird stereotype that gynecologists are womanizers; his wife however turns a blind eye to this. It is at the reunion that Emma sees her first love, Craig who lives in the UK. It seems the spark they shared is still very much ignited.
A lot of things unfold after Emma and Rick find her mother brutally murdered after leaving the reunion early because they can’t reach her. The addition of a few more characters, from her best friend Gay, to her brother Ross who flies in from Australia make for quite a dramatic story. It keeps the reader on the edge of their seat- I am speaking from experience mind you. There’s also a love triangle infused in there somewhere- spoiler-the good guy wins the girl.
The themes of this brilliant novel are infertility, abortion, white privilege in South Africa, crime, the challenges migrant workers face and many more. I really enjoyed how Power’s characters are relatable. They could be people you have met or people you walk past every day. She paid attention to detail and gave us a story that one falls in love with from the first page.
What I enjoyed most about this book is the way the themes although very serious that were addressed in a dark humorous way.
I recommend this book for a weekend in with wine or tea but preferably nothing hot because you might turn your eyes to the book and wake up from a book induced reverie hours late to find an untouched cold cup of tea. The book will also make for a great Christmas present to any booklover.
P.S After finishing the book I took to twitter to praise Ms. Powers on such an engrossing read and to ask (read: beg) for a sequel because I need more. Go get Things Unseen and tell me what you think.
Happy Reading!!


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