Saturday Mornings, Cloudy Days and Homesickness.

Good morning Loves Saturday Mornings at home were always about waking up early to clean the yard (i always dreaded that) and the house.It was always music in the background and me and my siblings groaning about the whole cleaning thing. My favorite part though was after the whole cleaning and the laundry was done. … More Saturday Mornings, Cloudy Days and Homesickness.

Warsan Shire

Hello Loves I found this poem by my fav Warsan Shire here > and it was as good as her work always is and i thought it best to share her brilliance with you guys. Enjoy. Ugly   Your daughter is ugly. She knows loss intimately, carries whole cities in her belly. As a child, … More Warsan Shire


Here is a little hint  and a also a little inspiration for everyone to try out. i plan to start on this as soon as i have settled in properly here. Everyone else can in and help recommend fun reads that fit the checklist. Enoy


the last time i posted something on here was in December before the festive season fuss. I hope the first month of 2015 has been one that made you guys look forward to this year. I apologize for the lengthy unplanned hiatus, it is so hard posting stuff now because my laptop which had all … More apologies