The Liebster Award

The beautiful Sinawo nominated me for the Liebster Award. This is exciting because I LOVE Blog Challenges. Thanks Sinawo  I am sorry it took me forever to finally post this. Also if I happen to ramble in this post which is highly likely, I apologize haha. Rules of the award A blogger can nominate … More The Liebster Award

your pain

Sometimes your mind wanders off, and you stare into the oblivion, the sadness painted on your face by a harsh brush of the unceasing flashbacks of memories you try but always fail to forget. It’s at those times that I want to hold your face in my hands and maybe tell you how I want … More your pain


“She had been looking all along for a friend, and it took her a while to discover that a lover was not a comrade and could never be – for a woman. And that no one would ever be that version of herself which she sought to reach out to and touch with an ungloved … More sula.