Stressful Endings

Guys. Now that its Friday and everyone is not stressed out about work, school, their favorite wine not being stocked at the liquor store (all the sads) and having to wake up early (YAAAAS), can we talk about books who’s endings make us either furious or sad or both. Norwegian Wood, Sputnik Sweetheart and Half … More Stressful Endings

happy thoughts

Hey loves. This post is Day 3 and Day 4 merged into one mushy post. I couldn’t post yesterday because school and nearly didn’t post because school again. I am in a very bad space at the moment because, guess what, school again. I feel like I am drowning in work and I can’t catch … More happy thoughts


So today I want to talk about something that’s been on my mind for a while now-books. Okay, this is a stretch because they are alwaaays on my mind. You know how when you scroll down your instagram or facebook feed whilst lounging on a sofa and sipping on some rooibos ? Okay, the dramatics … More Shelfie


It seems I always take these long unplanned hiatuses(is this a word?) and leave this place abandoned and all sad. I have this little black book-no not that kind of black book 😂😂, where I write all the plans I have for my blog. I get an idea for a post and I brainstorm in … More Currents

Strangers Encounter

So I wrote a book. Well,  this is partly true. Haha. I’m in a book. Is this better? I always talk about how I meet amazing people on Twitter. Valentine is one such amazing writer I met through Twitter. He’s a Zimbabwean writer and all-round cool dude (I’m sorry Valentine but its true). Anyway,he wrote … More Strangers Encounter

June Blessings

Let me start this off with how absolutely annoying i am with the disappearing acts. Between exams and then a strong bout of writers block which was followed by having to focus on other things I really abandoned this place. I apologize for being such a crappy blogger at times. (Lol). This can only mean … More June Blessings