Do you know those days that start off with a long sigh and an “I hate mornings” muttered silently as you walk to the shower and get ready? Then you go to class or work and it improves a little and then the Sun sets and BAM something goes wrong. I just narrated my whole day man. I fell leg first into a drain this evening- it was empty thankfully. But yea my right leg and hip are now throbbing and I’m now a limping and ouch’n and aaah’n person. So if you are a BIUST official and you are reading this kindly send my gift basket to my room because clearly this place has death traps all over.

Anyway moving away from that, its NATIONAL BOOK LOVERS DAY. yaaaaaas. So obviously I had to talk about one of my faaaav books. Beloved by Toni Morrison. Wow man. Where do I start? This was a gift from a friend for my twenty-first (Thanks Karabo). Anyway, I guess he got me this book because he knew just how much I love mama Toni. She’s honestly way up there with bo mama Maya and Alice Walker.

I actually once wrote an essay about meeting her and having rooibos under a morula tree. Of course in this essay I was staring at her with my mouth agape and of course the odd glowy look in my eyes because love. Dear universe. I know you got me once more. Mama Toni soon.

Anyway,Beloved. Yhuuuu. Wow. So you know when you love a writer and you are like “yaaaas. I’m going to enjoy this.” And you don’t even wait or anything but you dive in head first and start reading. And then yea the book is “meeh “. Like there’s no vibe between you and it and you don’t want to put it down because mama Toni. This was it with Beloved.

I actually used to get teased by my crush that I was always carrying it around in my bag and never actually finishing it. I think a few months after getting it, I decided to read it again. I was hit with a totally different story. I fell in love. Im fact, this book then replaced Sula and Song of Solomon as being my fave Toni books.

It’s crafted in such a beautiful way. Her use of language awes me each time. I really just want to look into her brain (sounds creepy as hell) but ahhh. Her gift of writing is one shes surely putting to good use.

I chose to talk about Beloved today because its honestly one book I will forever mention whenever amazing books are brought up.

It’s fitting also that I talk about Beloved and mama Toni because its women’s day. The book has strong female characters which is something i have come to look forward to when reading books. Also mama Toni Morrison. Guys. This love. I need a podcast type situation on this here blog because just typing about her does her no justice. You Guys can’t hear the love in my voice when I talk about her.

To all my favorite writer women. My book lovers. My black queens. I love all of you so much and I hope everyone had a peaceful and blessed day-hope no one else fell into a drain. Boi, Dorian, Ope, Esther, Tudu, Dudu and all you beautiful women whom I didnt mention here I wish you all the self love and love from others. So much love that you don’t even know who to share it with.

I also wish everyone else more books and of course to my African writers, keep writing.

Shared this on my Facebook earlier. Really wish I knew who said this but I’m going to share it again here

“May you never feel the need to seek validation. Search inside and embrace all that you are until you realise you are enough.”


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