The Violent Gestures of Life- Book Review

On rare days when the Sun is shining on my side I win signed copies of new novels by amazing African writers- I know it happened once but I still have to milk it for the next few months please😂. I’m in a book club on Facebook – its called The Good Book Appreciation Society and we share what we are reading and basically just swoon over New books.

It’s an amazing space and I always find myself saving pics of books to get and books to put on my to-read list. Anyway, every week there’s a book up for grabs and Long story short I won This book here a few weeks ago.


I was a bit sad because I knew it would take ages before Botswana Post gets it to me. But it seems lady luck was on my side as I got the book 7 days later in perfect condition.

Took me a while to actually get started on the book because excitement. I was home when it came in the mail so I basically just held on to it for the first three days looking at Tshifhiwa’s message for me on the first page and telling who ever was close by how it was a signed copy.

I did start reading it a few days later and was met with a beginning that I wasn’t ready for. The book’s protagonist is Gift a 14 year old delinquent who’s an inmate of Qalakabusha, a youth reform school. The name Qalakabusha means to start again.

Reading the story from Gift’s eyes of Life inside the reform school and then reading on bits and pieces about how he ended up in there together with his relationship with his parents is an emotional experience.

Gift goes through an interesting learning process. He looks back at what brought him to Qalakabusha. He thinks about his mother. His father. His younger siblings. The stories he hears from his friends about home and how they ended up here also make him ponder on a lot.

I love easy reads. I love straight and forward writing whereby the writer takes you with him on a journey with his chatacters. I really enjoyed this book.
This blog post was typed at the same time when I was e-mailing Tshifhiwa and basically spamming his email with warm compliments about his book. I really hope you guys go out and get this book and see what I mean. I have this problem of blabbering when I talk about books I love so I’m going to end this here.

Much love

Mido ❤


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