Stressful Endings


Now that its Friday and everyone is not stressed out about work, school, their favorite wine not being stocked at the liquor store (all the sads) and having to wake up early (YAAAAS), can we talk about books who’s endings make us either furious or sad or both.

Norwegian Wood, Sputnik Sweetheart and Half of a Yellow Sun will be used for this case study-I have always wanted to use that. 😂Nowergian Wood is by Haruki Murakami and I reviewed it here last year. I am still not over the ending. Why do writers write amazing books and get us hooked on the story and we stay up till 4am and then you read the last paragraph and you want to scream? Why do they torture us so much? I won’t give away much about the three books above so as to not give away any spoilers but wow man.

I read Sputnik Sweetheart last month and its also by Murakami. The ending had me like


I really need someone to forward Murakami’s contact details because I need to know WHY.

It seems he has a penchant for leaving us hanging. Nowergian Wood had the same ending that was an ending but not really an ending but a whole slap on the face. You know the one that leaves your ears ringing and your vision slightly blurry? Yes. That’s how Nowergian Wood ended. I felt like the characters I had fallen in love were disappearing into space like smoke. I didn’t know where they were going or whether they were going to be okay. I’m still worried about the main character. Is she back? Is the guy going to be okay?


Lastly,the worst heartbreak of all HALF OF A YELLOW SUN. Mama Chimamanda can you please tell us if Kainene ever came back? Is she well? What happens next? A big homecoming ceremony perhaps?  Hau mama please you can’t just end the book like that. My poor heart still feels the sharp pain everytime I see the book on my desk. 😢😭


Does anyone have fan fiction stashed away on these three books? Kindly share because the heartbreak is too much.

What are some of the most traumatic endings you have come across ? share in the comment section.

I hope your Friday is as relaxing as mine.

Lots of love




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