happy thoughts

Hey loves.

This post is Day 3 and Day 4 merged into one mushy post. I couldn’t post yesterday because school and nearly didn’t post because school again. I am in a very bad space at the moment because, guess what, school again. I feel like I am drowning in work and I can’t catch a break. Have a whole exam tomorrow afternoon and I am currently freaking out over it. A few things have been making this week a bit bearable so I decided to make this post about all the yum things that have been making my days.

  1. 20 mins calls with my mother. Its almost as if she has a sixth sense. Whenever I am about to cry she calls and even the random things she tells me make me smile.
  2. The Body Shop- Shea Body Mist. I have this thing of linking smells to memories and places and people. This body mist reminds me of sunny afternoons, cocktails, Nandos, my best friend Dudu and home.
  3. Emails. I got a very exciting email today. Just before my test. Which made me all the way happy. New ventures 🙂
  4. New Books. I was talking to a friend earlier and he mentioned the new Thabo Mbeki biography. I then told him how much I wanted to read it and Mma Nasha’s book. Guess, who he offered the two books to? ME. YAAAAY
  5. Tomorrow. The promise of tomorrow makes me smile. I know tomorrow is not promised and blah blah but I am excited to see what tomorrow brings. Also, tomorrow is Friday so it means sleep. I have become the “adult” who looks forward to the weekend and sleep and maybe wine and hotwings.

I hope you guys are well and smiling and reading new books and stuffs.

Lots of Love

Mido xx


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