Strangers Encounter

So I wrote a book. Well,  this is partly true. Haha. I’m in a book. Is this better?

I always talk about how I meet amazing people on Twitter. Valentine is one such amazing writer I met through Twitter. He’s a Zimbabwean writer and all-round cool dude (I’m sorry Valentine but its true). Anyway,he wrote a story, or maybe I should say part of a story and asked me and a few women from all over Africa to write what we think would be a proper ending.

I wrote my bit and sent it back to him. Fast forward a few weeks, he messages me and tells me he wants to publish the story. I have to admit I was scared and worried as to how people would receive the book. Would they love how the story had different endings? I worry A LOT so this was me being me i guess. Anyway,  he published the book last week and so far so good. My friends love it and a few Twitter people (I should really stop calling people this) loved it. As for me? I think its AMAZING. I’m glad to have been a part of this. I love writing and if I get to collaborate with other writers then yay sign me up.

So, I want to know what you guys think about the book before I review it on here. here’s the link. Download it and tell me what you think 😊

P.S friendly reminder that my birthday is next so uhm *clears throat*



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