June Blessings

Let me start this off with how absolutely annoying i am with the disappearing acts. Between exams and then a strong bout of writers block which was followed by having to focus on other things I really abandoned this place. I apologize for being such a crappy blogger at times. (Lol). This can only mean I’m working on really exciting things that I hope you guys will love.

Also, its June. I should have posted this yesterday but yes, its June. (Does mini-scream) this means many things for me. It’s my birthday month, I’m going back to school for what could have been my final semester(long story), I started a wtiting fellowship with The African Exponent– I will blog a bit about this in another post and finally its now mid-year. I have so much to be thankful for this year.

I have exciting plans for the blog this month which will be revealed in due time of course. I have missed the comfort that comes with writing on here and of course getting emails from you guys.

Safe to say I’m back and ready to be strugglingbookworm again.❤

I hope June is as blessed and joyous as mine already is. Sending strength and love and warm hugs (its so cold today).




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