This is honest and from the heart. So so beautiful. #internationalwomansday

Subtle Royalty

I don’t like to discuss issues I strongly believe in because discussion, in it’s full meaning, gives room for criticism and contradiction but I decided to go out on a limb and open up the discussion on feminism for 8 straight days. I cannot say I enjoyed it, I do not like explaining myself which I found quite inevitable but I do not regret it. I have learnt a lot more than I knew before the start of March. I have been forced to read more and not simply have baseless convictions, but also because it’s always good to find out the why and how of other people who share the same/contrary views. Now if you are wondering what this is about, you’ll have to go through Day 1 where someone was trying to figure out feminism, Day 2 where it was all civility, Day 3 where the ideology of…

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