7/8: WHAT FEMINISM SHOULD MEAN [@mido_mosata]

My thoughts on feminism

Subtle Royalty

Feminism is many things to me.

It is the assurance that I am enough, that I don’t have to sit in a corner and be silent even when words burn me wanting to be let out. It is the hope that one day my sisters won’t be subjected to abuse because they chose career paths that are considered manly.

Feminism is the voice of the woman and the voiceless. It is the voice that raises its voice to address when women are killed for being LBGTI, because “it is not African to be gay.”  And therefore society finds it to be wrong.

Feminism to me is having the freedom to do what I want, say what I want and live my life without hearing “but you are a woman.” “Sit like this” “dress this way”. Truth of the matter is, women are put in glass jars and expected to act…

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