The Liebster Award

The beautiful Sinawo nominated me for the Liebster Award. This is exciting because I LOVE Blog Challenges. Thanks Sinawo  I am sorry it took me forever to finally post this.
Also if I happen to ramble in this post which is highly likely, I apologize haha.
Rules of the award
A blogger can nominate up to 10 other bloggers, then create a post announcing the nomination. The nominated bloggers should have less than 3000 followers. The first blogger then asks 10 questions to these bloggers. If the nominated bloggers accept, then they create their own post accepting the nomination & linking back to the first blogger, answering the 10 questions and asking a new set of questions. The award keeps getting passed on so that readers can discover new blogs.
1. What makes you smile without fail?
I probably smile over a lot of things, but talking to my grandfather makes me all the way happy. He is my rock.

2. What’s your favorite thing to do when you are totally alone?
I read. There is nothing I love more than days of solitude curled up with a great book.

3. When was the last time you felt completely proud of your blog?
This year has been amazing for my blog. I recently did #TheLoveChallenge and getting positive feedback from my readers and other bloggers made me so chuffed. Nothing quite brightens my day than someone saying “oh, I read your last blog post, great work”.

4. If you took me out on a bae/ friend date, what would we do?
Havent I told you this before? We would go book shopping then lunch and cocktails and talk till we forget the time. So please make your way here.

5. Have you ever left someone you still loved?
Yes I have. I have trouble leaving, I don’t know if this makes sense but I love hard and sometimes leaving is hard but necessary. I left someone and although I spent months obsessing over it and going through it in my head, leaving was what was best for me.

6. What is your greatest talent?
Can I say writing here? Okay that’s my answer-writing.
I also make a mean sandwich, like lick-your-fingers-ask-what-i-put-in-it-type-sandwich.

7. What is the biggest secret you’ve kept from your parents?
Uhm!!! My mum reads my blog LOL.
I keep stuff from them, I don’t know what the biggest is and my mum probably already knows because she always finds things out. *long sigh*

8. What is the last flirtatious thing you did to attract a crush?
DISCLAIMER: I AM SHY! So yes now that that’s out of the way, let me just say I am trying to be bold and all this year, because what do I have to lose. I sent my crush a text a few hours ago after a back and forth with my best friends over what I should send. I settled for a “Hey bbz *insert heart eyes emoji*” Which I feel was a huge stretch from what Malebogo(my best friend) wanted me to say. I will save all you guys the agony of trying to erase it from your minds by not typing it down. You are welcome 
9. Besides me of course, which other writer would you love to meet in real life?
Just one? I want to meet EVERYONE. But If I had to narrow down my hundred page list of writers to meet I would say Toni Morrison.
P.S.A– If any of you guys ever want to make my whole life, please just make this happen. Thank you.

10. If you could read minds, whose would you like to read the most?
Right now? Yours because i wonder what you are thinking reading this.

I NOMINATE the following bloggers for this award.











Here are your questions guys 
1. Are you surprised I nominated you?
2. What would life be without bacon? ?( Im looking for fun and witty answers here because writers and all lol)
3. Would you ever buy me books if I asked?
4. Favorite book of all time?
5. Are you pro-choice?
6. Any writing rituals?
7. Most prized possession?
8. Your biggest hope for Africa?
9. Do you plan your blog posts or you post when you want to share something?
10. What’s on your 5 year plan?

I am really looking forward to your answers. Lets keep this going 


5 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. since i have been nominated twice. i find it fun responding in comments
    1; yes, very surprised. (okay really surprised because its the first time i am getting nominated so many times
    2;what is bacon again? Well, it wouldn’t be as bad as life without beans.
    3;as many times as you would ever ask.(do you want a book now?)
    4;those are quite many but lets go with “the lady,her lover and her Lord” by TD Jakes
    5;No. (no explanation for this)
    6;hmm, not really. I normally go down with the first thing that drops in my mind. it could be a word or line, i either build up on the line or word or keep noting them daily till they make sense.
    7;I wish i could say my parents but i don’t own them, maybe my personality but wait is that a possession?hmm i don’t think i have one as yet. when i find it, i will let you know.
    8;political stability
    9;Not really, anything goes.
    10; get married, have kids, travel to Seychelles and France, work for a huge publication, have a chance at radio, grow in ministry, publish a book and love more.

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  2. So in some parts of the continent, I am known as the ‘beautiful Sinawo’ *moment captured*

    4. Yes to our Bae date *as I apply for my visa*

    5. I’ve left too. Not an easy decision at all…

    8. Did the crush respond? hahaha

    10. I am thinking I must be the only writer who isn’t shy hahaha all y’all seem to be.

    Can you lead me to some of the stuff you write?


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