your pain

Sometimes your mind wanders off, and you stare into the oblivion, the sadness painted on your face by a harsh brush of the unceasing flashbacks of memories you try but always fail to forget. It’s at those times that I want to hold your face in my hands and maybe tell you how I want to love the pain away from your heart, pour so much love into it, all the hurt and pain decides to flee because there’s no space left for it. I want to kiss it away, smother it in wet sloppy kisses all over your face which I know you hate, so that it’s drowned in the love that’s spewing from them.

You look off into space and my heart breaks into tiny little pieces cz I know you’re thinking of that time you cried so much your thought you were actually going to die from it, the pain an unwelcome limb in your body that fed off your smiles and left you feeling hollowed and empty, but darling each time I want to time travel to your past and kiss it all better, scoop you in my arms and tell you that years from now your days will be better, that you will fall asleep with me in your arms, wake up next to me and each  time you kiss me goodbye knowing that I will be thinking of you the whole day.

The most painful times is when I see you lying down, unable to deal with reality and trying to fight of emotions that overwhelm you and want to reattach themselves onto you, I get scared they will win and be your new rulers again. Whipping you with that old pain and hurt you try so much to forget , leaving new open wounds that will take time to heal.  I get scared you will want to tend to your wounds alone, and forget me.


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