Day 11 #TheLoveChallenge

My friend Tim from Nigeria wrote this for me. He tweets @HomemadeHalo

I Found this so heartwarming.

Valentine’s day is in a couple of hours. Love is in the air, and has been for the better part of the last few weeks. It’s hard not to miss it… society won’t let you! There’s arguably no other commemorated day or festive holiday as commercialized as the valentine’s day. Even if you can avert your eyes from the billboards, and television commercials offering you spectacular deals for you and “that special someone”, how do you avoid the tonnes of traffic of related  that flirt through all forms of social media in your mobile devices?

At any other time of the year, that nagging ache that gnaws at a lot of people who are not experiencing the giddy foolishness of a love filled relationship would not bite as much as it does in the weeks before, and especially on, the V-day. It’s hard to fend off the depressing thoughts questioning what’s wrong with you and why you are alone. Most people just grind their teeth and wait out the love storm. Come the 15th, the clouds would pass and you can breathe again.

For those in love however, it is a wonderful day to celebrate a wonderful feeling. And why not? At that time, some people try to dampen the lovers day (and it is for lovers) with sayings like “it doesn’t have to be for just lovers, but you could celebrate God’s love, or the love of mother.” There are 66 books of the bible. God cut out one dedicated to celebrate the love between two people, so its doubtful He would begrudge you taking out one day out of 365 to celebrate this love. Last I checked, Mother’s day was not the 14th of February either.

Nah, I would rather speak of the euphoria of love. I would speak of stupid wistful smiles. I would speak of light headedness and dreamy looks. I would speak of the fire you see in her eyes when you look into them in the evening light. I would speak of rapid palpitations of the heart, and the tremors that can be caused by a feathery touch. I would speak of lengthened fights to deny one’s own feelings, and instances when you finally cave in. I would speak rather of kisses; of frenzied breathless ones, and of slow deep passionate ones. I would speak of first kisses, and final kisses goodbye to a lover that has passed on. I would speak of legal kisses and stolen ones; of the kisses of a wife and the kisses of a mistress. I would speak of the feeling of soft flesh meeting hard flesh; of sweaty nights and regretful mornings. I would speak of the sad ache of unrequited love. I would speak of the love we won with our words and our actions… and the love we lost because of our words and actions. Or lack of them.

Love is a wonderful thing. We have countless books about it, lots of movies centred around it. We sing songs about it.

We build our lives around it, and can scuttle our own marriages, our jobs and lives because of it. We feel miserable in its absence. 7.4 billion people as the world population, why shouldn’t we have one person dedicated to us? I believe there is someone for everyone who would take us as we are, who we are the ying to their yang; our soulmates.

If I tell you to close your eyes, and focus on the word love, and think up faces, stop at the one that makes you break out in a slow smile. That’s the one… for now at least.


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