Day 5 #TheLoveChallenge with Oluafolabi

Oluafolabi is a gifted writer. He’s also a wonderful friend. Sometimes he blesses my Twitter Timeline with his poetry and I always feel that a mere retweet and like are inadequate to show just how much I love his writing. His Twitter handle is @Oluafolabi.



there are nights

like this one

when I pick up my pen

stare hard and long into these walls

the silent spectators of our battles

and I try to rewrite our story.


I try to paint a picture

where you didn’t have to leave

where I didn’t have to cry

where this heart didn’t have to die.


But these walls

won’t let me grieve

they offer no inspiration,

they won’t let me paint new words

over our story

they tease me with silhouettes of you

deep into the night

depriving me of sleep

of dreams.



these walls,

they curse me in silence

in a way only the broken understand;

that my memory will never unmeet you,

that my pen will never unwrite you,

that my eyes will never unsee you.




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