Day 4 #TheLoveChallenge with Duduetsang Ntapu

You know those super talented people who hide their talents? Well my best friend, Dudu is one such person. I don’t get why she hides her writing. I get so excited when once in a while she decides to share something she wrote. I was even more excited when she decided to become a part of this challenge. I’m hoping she one day decides to share her beautiful writing.

Here’s Dudu’s take on love.

What love means to me…


Growing up love was a four letter word, a word often used to express emotions between a mother and her new born, emotions that a husband may have for his wife, emotions that siblings have towards each other..Emotions that run so deep that sometimes the mere word Love could not explain..Love according to the bible is kind, patient selfless..

But I’ve seen love lead to war, to mass killings to desertation of people…therefore i am yet to explore love and hopefully redefine the kind of love I’ve not experienced

What is love to me really?In the few friendships and relationships I’ve had,Love is the ability to sit with someone and not eat your favorite meal cause your full, full of life ,of ambition, of possibility of promise.

Love is waking up with a smile on your face because you know you’re going to see the one person who makes your stomach churn with butterflies.

Love is when you touch your skin with it’s wrinkles, scars and stretch marks and smile because you know that although they make you sad and less than perfect, they make someone else happy.

Love is when you touch your lips and feel the warmth of theirs on your own and it leaves you breathless because you’ve never imagined anything could ever taste so real.

Love is when you feel the coldness of their skin against your warm skin but it doesn’t bother you because you yearn for their companionship. Love is when you kiss their sleepy lips with your dragon breath and all they can do is call you crazy.

Love is when you open a You Tube video and the only thing you want to do is pick up the phone and share it with someone cause they’d also find it hilarious. Love is when you are surrounded by 10people but your attention is only focused on one , the one who can talk about nothing and make you feel like nothing is the best lyrics to your favorite love song.

Love is when you watch a chick flick and think , ” I have the best unscripted love story.” But love is not just that.. Love is the 2am arguments about the lack of enthusiasm vibes you felt from your significant other the whole day.

love is the thousand tears that wet the pillow late at night when no one is watching, love is the constant battle to get someone to realize just how much you care because letting go is so much harder than working things out.

Love is exposing your deepest fears, hopes and dreams to a complete stranger with the blind faith that although they may hurt you, they’ll probably love you like they were made or rather created to do just that, to love you. Love is sending 10 consecutive texts without  getting a reply cause you’d rather live with yourself knowing you’ve given it your all when it all ends.. Love is crying in front of them cause your pride takes the last priority..

Love is finally letting go because you realize that they are better off with someone else who’ll make them smile more than you made them cry, someone who’ll hold them tenderly when you’d rather grab them firmly, someone who’ll comfort them when you’d rather sit in silence watching, counting their every tear till the last drop.

Love is realizing that they have needs that you can only tend 20% of..Love is smiling even when they’ve moved on because although it hurts u know for sure they are settled in their new home.

And as sad as it sounds, only a fear people get to experience this love even if it’s for a few seconds…


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