Day 1: #TheLoveChallenge

Love is many things. It’s waking up on a rainy Sunday morning. It’s excitedly walking into a bookstore and walking out with a new book. It’s coming home after being away and it’s the kisses your mum paints all over your face.

I’m a hopeless romantic who like most just wants someone to bring her coffee and eggs and avo on toast in bed. I want all the little things that come with it. From the eating from one plate, to play fighting to even the silences. The warmness that comes from sitting together and not having to say anything.

This month on strugglingbookworm we will be all loved up (this sounded way cooler in my head). From what love is, to love letters to our loves,to cute poems about a single touch and humor essays on first Valentine’s day experiences. It’s going to be quite a ride.

This being the first day I decided to do the introductory post. Love to me is not just the one shared between lovers. For me love is many things. I have a big heart and so I tend to overlove a quality I’m learning to accept and embrace.

Last year I loved and lost. This year I choose to love and grow. I choose to love books, laughs with friends over drinks and big meals and classic novels found hidden at the back of cosy bookshops.

I hope the love challenge inspires you to love and not worry about overloving. I hope it pushes you to try that recipe and to message your crush first  (I need the guts to do this lol).

Here’s to love in all its forms. ❤



5 thoughts on “Day 1: #TheLoveChallenge

    1. A lot can happen after the growth. I have been struggling with love(not just romantic love) but love in general. Self love and a lot of stuff about inner joy. I said growth because I believe that there is a lot that will come after the growth. Happiness first and also a sense of peace.


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