February and Love :#TheLoveChallenge

It’s finally February and this means a lot of things. One, the long and dreadful  (for me) January is over so my finances can get back on track, its the second month of the year so another month to slay and stuff but also its the month of love.

I’m a hopeless romantic and I love Valentine’s day and although I have never really celebrated it I love the excitement it brings . This month on strugglingbookworm we are doing things a little different.

We are having the first ever #thelovechallenge. Now this will be my way of loving and sharing all this abundant love.  I will be posting every day for this challenge and we will be having guest bloggers for the first time ever. I’m excited because I’m curious to see what niceties they will bring here.

Keep an eye out for this challenge.

also I really really love chocolate and teddy bears and poems and love letters so…..you know..do best and stuff. Happy New Month!!! ❤❤❤🎁


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