About My Filthy Unforgivable Past…

Really loved reading this. Made me think about all my dark days and how they sometimes pounce on you unawares.

Sinawo Bukani

Self talk – building protective walls around yourself against those who’ve seen you at your worst ❤

I talk about my battle with depression a whole lot (at least I think so scratching head) anyway in my experience of talking about this mental illness with others, I have observed that it’s not viewed as a very serious sickness by those who’ve never suffered from it. Simply because you are unaffected physically, it is only your unseen emotional and mental well being that is frail and incapacitated. Unfortunately I found depression waiting for me on the other side of my development as a child, puberty welcoming me with a sickness I didn’t know I had until my early 20’s. Depression took years and years from me, my life disappearing in unlived chunks crippled with social anxiety; missing weeks of schools, failing grades, with even an attempted suicide. And then adulthood…

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