It seems i’m slow as hell because i’m only putting up my first blog post of the year almost 18 days into the new year. I apologise for my sudden undecided hiatus. I have been putting this off for so long that today i was working on a fiction piece and stopped mid-typing to come write this. i guess, what i was writing(which will hopefully be up on here in a few weeks) had me thinking and finally gave me the balls to come give my blog some love. Anyway, it’s a new year and i am as excited as any other optimist about what it holds. I am especially excited for 2016 because 2015 was a crappy year. No lie, last year was the most testing year off my entire life. I made decisions i never thought i would have to make, i had a few months where i thought i was going to die. I went through so many things in the space off 12 months it’s actually unbelievable. I am hoping this year, as cliche as this sounds will be a fresh start, or rather another chance to live and love and travel and of course read books. I think i have been off this space for a while now because i felt i would just explode with tears if i faced having to put everything i was feeling down but i guess i was wrong because typing this right now i feel a sense of relief. although tears were shed last year (many many many tears) and i had to grow and start thinking like an adult i am thankful for the lessons learnt. this year i plan on reading more books, writing more, travelling more, learning how to save (so necessary haha), and mostly just living. Although i have been going on and on about last year’s misery it did come with a few blessings which are still unbelievable to me. I got the chance to write for ArtsandAfrica.com and its one of the most exciting things EVER. I get to write and share my stuff to an audience that’s continental and i also get to interact with young people from all over Africa and i have made some incredibly gifted friends. This happened beginning of June(birthday month blessings i guess). The highlight of my year has to be interning for UNICEF’S Voice of Youth, which started early December-an early Christmas present. Now, this is exciting. I still cannot believe its happening and i get to blog every week and get an amazing mentor, go over my work and enrich me. Mischa is amazing wow. I could go on and on about Voices of Youth and the amazing young people i work with but that’s not the point of this post. I hope 2016 brings with it some exciting things in my email haha and also i hope it brings me that long awaited trip to Cape Town so i too can climb Lion’s Head. Here’s to a new year of possibilities and hopefully new books. Here are  links to Voices of Youth(https://www.voicesofyouth.org/en/users/233809) and Arts and Africa(http://artsandafrica.com/) this post.





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