3am thoughts

my mother never taught me how to leave. she never sat me down and laid it down that when push came to shove i should save my soul. and run. she never taught me to run’ when i saw that there was no room for my over loving heart. When my soul tells my heart to put on my shoes and walk on out’my mother never taught me that that meant that trouble was brewing and that I should listen. She never told me to listen to the insistent hum of footsteps in my dreams , trotting on paths id never been on. She never told me that this meant it was my time to get stepping. My mother taught me how to love. To love with my all. To give my all. And that is what I do. I love till im all loved out. Till iv stripped myself bare. Till all I am is a smoldering fireball of love. And when I do leave. i leave with just the pair of shoes on my feet. I leave with my soul in tatters and my heart still on my sleeve ready to play catch with the next. My mother never taught me how to leave. And when I do leave I leave with cast out love and a heart that’s unsure of what to do next


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