I made a promise to my heart
Told it, it would never know pain
Like the sharp cut of a knife again
I told it that the next one would honor it,
Respect it.

Each time its shred into a million pieces
I promise it the next will have a heart
That beats at the same rhythm as mine,
A heart that has known the pain I have known.
Hoping this tiny detail will keep my heart safe.

Each time its left head bowed down,
Tears streaming down
Like the silent rain that falls at night
When everyone’s asleep,
I promise it, not to give my all again.
Most especially it,
I promise to cage it and never give it all
Arms barred
Like I always do.

The promises become an occasional mantra
Something I say to soothe the burning ache ,
That comes with the banging of the door,
As they leave with the memories, a box of their stuff
And a little piece of my soul.

This time around
I won’t make promises
That end up being blown away
Like flower petals on a windy day
They try hold on the flower
But sometimes the force is too strong.
I won’t make promises.
I promise not to make any promises,
I do however choose me….


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