A Cry For South Africa


In the past couple of weeks , I have been trying to ignore social media and online news outlets because of the recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa and the oodles of pictures circulating on the web of the victims. As much as posting these pictures will help spread the news somehow and showcase the seriousness of these attacks, i still feel its quite insensitive to post pictures of decapitated and burnt bodies without any trigger warnings whatsoever.  My heart nearly stopped a few days ago while i was innocently scrolling down my Facebook timeline when i came across a gruesome picture of a man being attacked, i will not go into detail about the picture but it damn near broke my heart to think an actual human being would go to such extremes to execute a fellow human being.

This post is a cry to South African locals involved in these attacks, we are all Africans, brothers and sisters. Why is it so hard to live together in peace without having to put greed and a sense of entitlement forward? I dont know what the perpetrators think violence will do, will it somehow magically provide employment for the thousands of unemployed people?

My deepest condolences to all the families of all those deceased because of these attacks. I pray that everyone else stays safe and is not harmed and that sense comes back to these peoples heads and they stop with all these killings.




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