R I P Sir Terry Pratchett

Often times the world is blessed with someone who can use words to paint beautiful and magical paintings in our minds, often times these paintings help us get through childhood and many of life’s hurdles. Sir Terry Pratchett was one such amazingly talented soul. I came across one of his books as a little girl, eager for a read and i got just that. If i remember well the first book of his i read was, Johnny and the Bomb and from then on i was hooked. My younger siblings do not really enjoy reading but i remember my little sister once came across one of Sir Terry’s Books in my shelves and she too was hooked. She ended up reading all of his books. His stories were just that, an amazing far-off world that came alive with each word one read. They made you believe. sometimes the urge or that little push to believe and to hope is exactly what one needs to go by.

Hearing about his passing today made an already horrendous day worse. I have spent the past 30 minutes going through tributes to this great writer. I am very sad at his passing and i cannot imagine what his family is going through. The literature and fantasy world have lost a true great. May his stories live on, may they continue to bring little smiles on people’s faces , may they make someone’s day a little brighter. Thank you for the stories and thank you for sharing them with us.

May his soul rest in eternal peace.



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