Saturday Mornings, Cloudy Days and Homesickness.

Good morning Loves

Saturday Mornings at home were always about waking up early to clean the yard (i always dreaded that) and the house.It was always music in the background and me and my siblings groaning about the whole cleaning thing. My favorite part though was after the whole cleaning and the laundry was done. Everyone would move to the kitchen and we would spend close to thirty minutes deciding what to have for breakfast. My lazy little sister would always suggest the easy things; cereal, porridge and oats. I however would always want an over the top breakfast ; eggs, bacon and every other thing that makes it a breakfast fit for a goddess.

Perks of being the eldest are that what i say goes- well not all the time but still. *chuckles* The debate over breakfast usually ended with everyone just doing their own thing. I would make my time consuming breakfast and everyone else would do their version of a powerful weekend worth breakfast.

I remembered all this because im currently sitting on my unmade bed in pj’s and i have actually never missed home this much. I have an option to walk a 10min (i take 20) walk to the cafeteria to get food but i actually would rather sit here and watch the clouds and hear this annoyingly loud music blaring through the whole hostel. I miss home so much.

As much as it pains me to feel this down i realize how lucky i have been. For the past twenty-one years i have lived with my family and i now know that not everyone has that and it makes me so happy. I miss them and if i could i would go home every weekend but i also know that sometimes a little bird has to depart from the nest and do its own thing, learn how to fly , catch worms and stuff.

Today wont have a banging breakfast,and i might not get to hear my little brother protesting about having to help us clean  but i will make sure to have a banging lunch and a banging day. (side-note: banging day may or may not mean studying Linear Regression).

This really wasnt a literature related post but i was feeling down and writing always helps and this space is my go – to place when i need to offload.

I wish everyone has an amazing weekend. Laugh, Love and Live.

Stay Safe.

Lots of Love



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