Late Night Freewrites and Hot Starry Nights

This came to me in the shower. okay, that’s a line but truth is this was one of those free-writes that just come to you. 

Hope you guys enjoy it. 

When all’s said and done,

when all the boxes have been packed up.

in piles on the front porch

waiting for a moving truck

to take them away.

driving on the highway right beside the memories

that cant be packed up and stashed in brown boxes,

to never be unpacked but left in storage

in a storeroom in the basement

of new beginnings.

When all’s been cleared out,

from the unsaid words,

to the tears being let to run freely,

to the uncertainties finally being put to rest,

buried in the backyard of the old yard,

where the carrots and the tulips

used to grow into such beautiful produce.

but which now holds dusty soil

probably as dusty and grim as my soul

feels right now.

When everything is unpacked

bookshelves filled to the ceiling in new places

and cute cutlery in new  kitchens,

and fancy wines in big wine glasses,

feelings and a newborn soul

and a heart ready to open up,

or rather take a peep

at love.

not really ready to open up the door,

but looking through the peephole

to see what life has to offer.

When all you are is a memory that’s been cleaned up,

scrubbed till the dirty scoff marks are barely there.

i want you to know that

yes, i will be fine.

And yes,

i unpacked the memories.

And they are as far gone as that old little house

we had by the bakery.


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