Of Mathematicians, Love and Poetry

Hello Loves

In light of my recent unplanned hiatus i have decided to liven up this space by doing a series of posts by some of my favorite poets and writers. i will share their work and/or review it as well. Today’s lucky number 1, is a friend of mine, an aspiring Mathematician and an all round nice guy, Omphile.

He is in love with all things Maths, which is why he wrote this poem with complicated Mathematical jargon (complicated to the lay man that is). 

Hope you guys love it as much as i did when i first read it. also, anyone who wants their work to be featured on here can email me and we can talk poetry and other literature stuff.

(Enough rambling, here’s a Mathematician’s Love Paradox.)

Mathematician’s Love Paradox
O. N. Seabe

Love is truly undefined,
for it is ununderstandable,
more a problem than P vs NP,
nor either better than millenium complexities,
or physical anomalies.
We try to define,
the allignment of tulips,
the proportion of feeling,
the differential of love and friendship,
all into a solvable problem
We always fail though,
to solve the mystiries,
the sets of emotions,
a maze like matrix,
the force of attraction
A mathematician is cursed,
for he is always trying,
to solve the unsolvables,
for it be his habit?
When a good habit becomes hell
Thus I am cursed,
for my love for you,
is a problem for me too,
But a blessing of a problem,
a problem i would live for.


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