Hello Loves

With such an obscure title I am sure you are wondering what In the world Tsundoku is, I came across the picture below while on my late night Tumblr feed hopping.

Basically Tsundoku fellow book lovers is a habit that I suspect all book lovers have, walking into a bookstore to find a sale and you end up leaving arms laden with many books some of which end up on your shelf unread for months and maybe even years as is my case. I am a book hoarder, I have more books in my collection than I have read. Some of which have been borrowed by friends and returned in different states (I learnt to never borrow people books this year after one of my book was returned with oil spills because apparently some people read books while deep frying chicken.).

I decided to write this post and include in it five books that have been “tsundoku’ed” (I highly doubt that Is a real verb haha), there are a lot more that I haven’t read but I randomly picked these ones because I sort of gave myself a challenge to read them by the end of the year *chuckles*. So yes without further ado presenting from my Tsundoku pile *Drumroll* The Big 5;


The first on the list is Stephanie Meyer’s The Host, I bet all Stephanie Meyer lovers out there are shooting daggers at me. I bought this in 2012 I think, right after it came out because I like everyone else in the world is a true Twilight fan and any book by the amazing woman who bought us Edward and Bella deserves to be read. Although as it is not the case with me, I found it hard to finish the first chapter of this book because I guess my brain was still on overdrive from Breaking Dawn. The movie came out last year and yep I haven’t watched it too, because I believe books are way better than movies. So I intend to read this amazing book (the best friend’s review on it) and then watch the movie and do like I always do and judge away at the many discrepancies between the book and movie.


Second on my list is Pride and Prejudice by the legendary Jane Austen. I bought this a couple of years ago and again my best friend has read it and also agreed to spoil it for me but she did say it was a greatly written book which I cannot contest to because it’s a classic.  In line with my quest to read as many classics as I can this book is definitely on the list with Wuthering Heights and Les’ Miserables.


These two books were bought at a sale and they are second hand, they were a huge bargain and they are books that I wouldn’t normally read but they looked interesting and I can never stop myself from buying books. They haven’t spent years in my shelf as the first two books, they are a little over two months old. They are 48 by James Hebbert and Miracle Cure by James Palmer.Photo7310


The last book on the big five is one i was excited to find in my shelf, it’s a collection of short stories from all over Africa edited by none other than Chinua Achebe. This literary great passed away __and he is actually the first African writer whose book I ever read. It was ___ which I found in my mother’s collection and I later read Things Fall Apart in Junior High for English. The book is also edited by C.L. Innes who I nearly forgot to mention because seeing Mr Achebes name on any book is enough to send me into a crazy bookworm fit. C.L Innes has written a few books and one of which is titled Chinua Achebe, which has now gone on to my Christmas wishlist. This anthology has twenty stories by twenty writers from all over Africa. I don’t know why I haven’t read this before but best believe I am currently typing this as fast as I can so that I start reading this gem of a book.  I browsed the contents and was delighted to find a short story by one of my favorites from southern Africa Bessie Head. I think this is the story I will read last just to savor the moment and the book.


Okay, I have books to read by December 31st and i as with any book challenge I undertake I am super excited. Feel free to comment with your tsundoku list who knows maybe you have books in common with me in that shelf.

Happy Reading Loves



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