Hello Loves
You know those days where everything seems to be going wrong? From the alarm not doing its sole job of waking you up, to the revolting cup of coffee that didn’t really “Wake you up” but instead added on to the list of things that go wrong. I am having one of those days and its taking a lot of restraint to not pull out my hair and abandon everything. Becoming a beach bum in Cape Town actually sounds like a great idea right about now. Usually when such days make their unforeseen appearance I indulge in comfort food and spend my days stuffing my face, ignoring all of my problems. This works because;
1. I am a foodie and I believe a full stomach can fix ANYTHING
2. The energy spent on deciding what yum food I will be eating and also the tedious job of going out to purchase and prepare AND also indulge in said food is enough to make me drop to the ground from exhaustion, forgetting my woes.
Today, however my usual tactic of shutting down my overworked brain and ingesting calories I will probably regret the next time I wear my swimsuits seems to be failing. This then meant I had to resort to plan B which is to unashamedly fall into a puddle of my own tears and wallow in my misery. Can I note that this also has a high success rate, because sometimes a good cry does so much good. Well, so yes I cried, and I type this waving off any shame because I am probably the world’s biggest crier, the smallest things will have me puffy-eyed and snorty- nosed (this always earns me looks of humorous frustration from my friends and the partner).
So which brings me to the reason I wrote this long rant, I decided to spill all I was feeling in writing and SURPRISE -SURPRISE the words came out of me as easily as tears roll down my cheeks whenever I watch P. S I love You. As I wrote furiously in my journal, expressing my anger at life and its many stumbling blocks which seem to be on a mission to pull me down, I felt a huge sense of relief wash over me. I usually cannot write when I’m in one of my low moods but it seems writing is a way to get out of these moods. I really wish I could post a snippet of my journal entry on here but you know “Confidentiality and all that stuff” but let me just say I am happy that doing what I love puts me at so much peace that even sends any gloomy emotion away.
Here is a toast *raises my perfect cup of coffee* to writing, to literature, to the writing men and women who continue to spew with words even through life’s low moments. SALUTE.!!!
Scribble On!
Yours in This Writing Journey
Goodnight 


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