National Poetry Day & Yum Things

Hello Loves

In honor of National Poetry Day I decided to post a little something i wrote. This is the first of my poetry that i have posted on this here blog and i am somewhat excited about it.

Under the morula tree

Is where I had my first kiss

Inexperienced tongues moving about

In mouths that tasted like spearmint gum

thrown in two hours before

on a bus whose driver reeked

of cheap cologne

and whose slow driving had

made me think

that somehow fate wanted me to

get to my “lover” late

and that maybe I would find him

bones laying on top of each other

with an easily susceptible grin on his skull

now laying under the morula tree


under the morula tree

I found my lover

My first love

At sixteen I knew or rather

I thought,

That our love

Was a modern age Romeo and Juliet

And as our tongues went on exploring,


A morula fell from the tree and hit his head

And being the hopeless romantic that I am

Took this to mean

That nature too loved our union

And was cheering us on

We went on with our treasure hunt

Searched and explored each others mouths

With waging tongues

That reeked of spearmint

And hands that were awkwardly

Hanging there

What should hands do when

Mouths are parted and

Tongues search and explore?


 Enjoy ❤


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