Book Review – The Diary of a Young Girl: Anne Frank


Being on vacation means that i have time to read as many novels as i can, because when Uni starts it’s always assignments/ lab reports/ tests and exams and i never really do much leisurely reading. This vacation i decided to read Classics, reason being i was tired of reading novels about love and happy endings and mystery fiction that only made me feel happy inside but did nothing for my spirit. I don’t know if that makes sense but i wanted to read something that would be heart-palpitation causing good and that would have me at the edge of my seat with sheer anticipation. I also felt i was tired of reading fiction and that i had to start reading “Serious” books.  The first book i picked up was The Diary of a Young Girl: Anne Frank because i had heard so much about it and i had always wanted to read it. 

Yes! so with my reading glasses on and my bookworm brain ready for some reading i started the book. I have to admit i was hooked from the first page and i thought that was because i too keep a journal and have been doing so since i was thirteen which was the same age Anne was when she started.

The book is basically a coming of age story of a young girl, Anne Frank who is a young German Jewish girl living in Amsterdam and during world war II and the Holocaust has to go in hiding with her family to avoid capture by the Nazis. She and her family (parents and sister Margot) together with another family of three and later an elderly man Mr Dussel live in an annex of rooms above where her father worked. The book is well written and to be quite frank Anne is smart for a thirteen year old and on reading  the book i felt she was very mature for her age. She gives day-to-day experiences in the Secret Annex as she calls their hide-out spot and goes through what every teenage girl goes through. the hating-your-mum phase, the being-head-over-heels in love phase and also the i-just-want-to-cry-forever phase. Life in the Annex was neither fancy nor desirable they faced hunger, boredom, the fear of being caught and having to be indoors for more than two years must surely have been torture.

In her diary Anne Frank recorded vivid accounts of her experiences during this period. The book is moving, thought-provoking and also quite amusing. Anne’s fiery, tenacious and wild persona was very captivating but sadly her promise was tragically cut short as Anne Frank and her family were eventually caught and she died at the age of fifteen in a prisoners camp.

I really enjoyed the book and have now added – Visiting the Anne Frank Museum to my bucket list. I think every young girl must read it, and somehow relate with some of Anne’s experiences and how she would sometimes scold herself for being ungrateful and being a snob. Every young girl/ woman would enjoy it as it offers a very unusual take on human-bravery and also paints a strong-willed and free-spirited extrovert who was never sorry for who and how she was and had accepted herself as she was. It would be a great canvas of how sometimes life throws splinters at you but you just have to catch one and fight back and conquer and to always remain brave at all times which is something every teenage girl must know and hold dear to.


Book-lover Mido



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